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Pho’nomenal Bowl Instant Pho (Case of 6 Bowls)

Pho’nomenal Bowl Instant Pho (Case of 6 Bowls)

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Pho is Vietnam's iconic soup, renowned for its rich and flavorful broth, a medley of fresh veggies, delicate rice noodles, and a treasure trove of authentic ingredients. This beloved dish often requires grandmothers like mine to invest twelve hours meticulously crafting their closely-guarded recipes. Now, introducing Pho'nomenal Bowls—a culinary marvel that brings the cherished family tradition to your table, with the convenience of an instant bowl ready to serve in just minutes.

Product Highlight

New Seasoned Oil Packet

Driven by our dedication to excellence, we’ve taken our authentic Pho Bowl to a new level of deliciousness while keeping the original flavor profile. Introducing our latest enhancement – Phonomenal seasoned oil packet. Elevate your Pho experience with two delightful options: savor the
classic flavor profile or enhance it by adding the seasoned oil packet. Phonomenal brings you the best of both worlds in a single bowl – the authentic
taste you adore with the added option to enhance your Pho Experience. Explore the new era of Pho with Phonomenal.  


Pho'nomenal Bowls are gluten-free, MSG-free, dairy-free, and soy-free, making them suitable for a wide range of dietary preferences and restrictions.

Made in the USA:

Our Pho'nomenal Bowls feature broth made in the USA, ensuring quality and adherence to rigorous standards.


Recognized as a two-time winner of the "Best Pho in Seattle," our Pho'nomenal Bowls are celebrated for their exceptional taste and quality.

Authentic Ingredients:

Made with 'pho real' ingredients that capture the essence of traditional recipes, ensuring an authentic taste experience.

Family Recipe Inspiration:

Our recipe draws inspiration from grandmothers who spent twelve hours perfecting their treasured Pho recipes, ensuring depth of flavor and authenticity.

Iconic Vietnamese Pho:

Enjoy the rich and flavorful broth, fresh vegetables, and rice noodles that make Pho a beloved Vietnamese classic.

Pho'nomenal Convenience:

Pho'nomenal Bowls offer the convenience of an instant meal, ready to serve in just minutes, so you can enjoy the flavors of Pho without the lengthy preparation.


What value does Phonomenal Pho Bowl bring?

Pho'nomenal Bowls break new ground in the world of instant Pho. Unlike many other products in the market, we take pride in using only real, high-quality ingredients to create an authentic Pho experience. While others may compromise on taste and authenticity, we remain committed to bringing you the real deal in a convenient package. we make Pho'nomenal Bowls to provide a convenient, high-quality, and dietary-friendly way for people to experience the authentic flavors of Vietnamese Pho, while also honoring the culinary traditions that make this dish so special.

Are there any vegan options among your Pho’nomenal Bowl flavors?

Please note that while our Veggie flavor is completely vegan, our Chicken and Beef flavors are not. We're committed to providing options for a variety of dietary preferences, so you can enjoy Pho'nomenal Bowls in a way that suits your tastes and values.

What is the oil packets for?

Each Pho'nomenal Bowl comes complete with a special treat - a flavored oil packet that adds an extra layer of flavor to your Pho. The best part? It's entirely up to you! You have the choice to enjoy your Pho with or without this delectable addition, ensuring that every bowl caters to your unique taste preferences. Whether you're in the mood for a traditional or an enhanced Pho experience, we've got you covered.

How can I personalize Pho’nomenal Bowl to suit my tastes and preferences?

Pho'nomenal Bowls aren't just a meal; they're a canvas for your culinary creativity. Feel free to add your favorite ingredients, whether it's extra veggies, protein, or special toppings. Our Pho provides a delicious base, and you're the artist—customize it to your heart's content. Create a bowl that's as unique as you are, and savor the Pho'nomenal experience in your own way.

What’s inside each Pho’nomenal Bowls box?

Inside each box of Pho'nomenal Bowls, you'll discover a world of authentic Pho noodle soup experiences. Our thoughtfully curated package includes 6 individual servings, each meticulously prepared to bring you the true essence of Pho. With real Pho rice noodles, a rich Pho broth soup base packet made in the USA, a flavorful seasoned oil packet, and an assortment of dried vegetable toppings, you'll have everything you need to enjoy an exquisite Pho meal. Plus, for your convenience, each serving comes in a microwavable bowl with a snug-fitting lid, ensuring that your Pho experience is as easy to prepare as it is delicious to savor.

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